Welcome to the most unique and sustainable nappies in the world!

Our exclusive All-in-One system adjusts through the baby’s growth with superior comfort and leak proof.

Pico Tango nappies offer quick changes, easy washing and drying for modern parents.

All products are ethically made in Portugal, with unique Designer hand painted artwork. 

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For every kilo of SEAQUAL® YARN used in our products, 1 kilo of marine litter has been cleaned from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean

We are committed to fight ocean pollution by partnering with SEAQUAL Initiative and using SEAQUAL® yarn, a high quality 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn containing SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC.

This is a fully traceable raw material, made from marine litter cleaned from beaches and coasts, the ocean floor and surface, rivers and estuaries, or in some cases from end-of-life fishing nets or other plastics used in aquaculture.

Reusable nappies – The best tips before buying

Find out the best tips for approaching the cloth diapers market, to save your pocket and the environment.  1. Know the different types of reusable nappies Check out our guide to reusable nappies to understand each type of cloth nappy – not only the mechanisms,...

Reusable nappy types – mechanisms, pros and cons

So you’re considering using reusable nappies on your baby? There are many types of nappies in the market. Knowing their functioning mechanism, advantages, and disadvantages is crucial to choosing the best match for your needs. 1. All-in-One nappies Mechanism explained...

7 reasons to choose PICO TANGO reusable nappies over disposables

Can’t decide whether to use cloth nappies on your little one? We’ve narrowed down our favourite reasons to switch! 1. Saves you money The initial investment soon pays off.  Disposable nappies cost parents an average of €2,000 per child until potty training (usually...

6 ways we’re different from any other reusable nappy

1. A true ‘One size’ Forget about rising snaps at the front for newborns and small sizes. Check our patented* adjusting system that truly fits tiny babies from 3 kg to toddlers with maximum comfort without the bulk.   2. Bye bye leaks Not only they can absorb up...

Who made my nappies?

When we think of what makes us authentic, we think of values such as integrity, quality and honesty.  Since the beginning of PICO TANGO, it’s been non-negotiable to source sustainable fabrics and maintain ethical manufacturing as the heartbeat of our brand. We don’t...

A letter from our Founder

To our PICO TANGO parents, present and future, Welcome to the PICO TANGO Journal! I am so excited to be sharing this platform with you. This Journal has been born to connect with likeminded parents and caretakers who want to know more about the reusable nappy...

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