6 ways we’re different from any other reusable nappy

1. A true ‘One size’

Forget about rising snaps at the front for newborns and small sizes. Check our patented* adjusting system that truly fits tiny babies from 3 kg to toddlers with maximum comfort without the bulk.


2. Bye bye leaks

Not only they can absorb up to 550 mL, mostly at the front where babies most need it. But also have a double elastic gusset which is absorbent itself, so urine and runny poo don’t have a chance to leave. 


3. Superior comfort

Our nappies are carefully designed to enhance your baby’s comfort: 

  • ultra-soft 100% Tencel™ layer all the way to the top edge of the nappy for a super comfortable tummy. It helps your baby’ skin to breathe, feel dry and comfortable. 
  • leg gussets lined with organic cotton and rolled elastics, so no marks on baby’ delicate  skin.


4. Cleaning our oceans

For every kilo of SEAQUAL® YARN used in our products, 1 kilo of marine litter has been cleaned from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

We are committed to fight ocean pollution by partnering with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and using SEAQUAL® YARN, a high quality 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn containing SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC.

SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC is a fully traceable raw material, made from marine litter cleaned from beaches and coasts, the ocean floor and surface, rivers and estuaries, or in some cases from end-of-life fishing nets or other plastics used in aquaculture.


5. Ethical and sustainable production

We proudly run our ethical production in Portugal, where we can ensure that people are respected, they earn a fair amount for their work and that the facilities follow the health, safety and environmental standards. At PICO TANGO, we are ethical in every sense of the word, and we will forever remain true to this value.  Check Our ethics for transparent information on how our products are made, including materials, supply chain and carbon footprint. 99% of the textile waste during weaving stage is separated and forwarded to certified companies for recycling. 


6. Say NO to microfibers

Reusable nappies are the most washed items in the household. We don’t use any type of synthetic fabrics prone to release microfibers in the wash, such as fleece. Instead we use fibres that are naturally biodegradable in the absorbent parts – organic cotton and Tencel. We use the strongest interlock weaving structure of recycled polyester in the water resistant parts to minimize the release of fibres.


*patent pending

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