A letter from our Founder

To our beloved PICO TANGO parents, past, present, and future,

Welcome to the PICO TANGO Journal!

Connecting with like-minded parents and caretakers

I am absolutely thrilled to share this incredible platform with all of you. As the founder of PICO TANGO, it fills my heart with joy to connect with likeminded parents and caretakers who are seeking valuable insights into the reusable nappy industry. Whether you’re just starting your journey or are already well-versed in the topic, my utmost aim is to provide you with genuine content and valuable information that will truly make a difference in your lives.

A space for open and honest discussions

This Journal holds a special place in my heart as it serves as a space for open and honest discussions about the topics that matter to us as a brand. It’s an opportunity for us to delve deep into important conversations, share our experiences and insights, and most importantly, offer the support you need as parents.

When contemplating what to include in this letter, one topic resonated strongly with me. It is a matter that holds immense significance and demands our attention. I want to use my voice, along with this platform, to initiate a timely and honest discussion about the nappy industry. Throughout our journey, from the very inception of dreaming about having our own brand to the continuous learning we undergo every day, we have acquired invaluable knowledge.

Our commitment to ethical manufacturing

My hope is to raise awareness about the importance of ethical manufacturing practices within the reusable nappy industry. You see, my love and respect for nature were nurtured from a tender age, shaping my path towards studying environmental engineering. It was through this journey that I became acutely aware of the challenges posed by water pollution and management in relation to the production of consumer goods.

Empowering consumers for positive change

However, it was when I became a parent myself that I realised the truth about the reusable nappy industry. It pained me to discover that it was not as environmentally friendly as it was portrayed to be. This revelation ignited a fierce determination within me to provide sustainable reusable nappies and baby accessories that are produced ethically and with the utmost respect for our planet. My goal is to empower you, as conscious consumers, to make informed choices and drive positive change within the nappy industry.

To all the future readers of the PICO TANGO Journal, I extend a heartfelt invitation to explore the captivating world of reusable nappies and join us as passionate parents who strive to make a difference. The coming months hold an array of exciting content that we can’t wait to share with you. From practical tips to thought-provoking articles, our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to provide you with valuable insights. Rest assured, sustainability remains at the very core of everything we do, and we eagerly await your active participation in the discussion.

With love and gratitude,

Inês Correia

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