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Our booster is carefully designed with more absorption at the front – where your baby really needs it!

When used in conjuction with our nappy, it provides a great option for heavy wetters, nap time and overnight use, especially those who enjoy sleeping on their tummy.

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  • Transfer: 100% TENCEL (Lyocell)
  • Core absorbent: 63% organic cotton 37% TENCEL (Lyocell)
  • Pre-wash before first use:Pre-washing is needed for both the nappy and the booster 3-4x before its first use only. Wash at 30⁰C, on a long cycle (2 hours) without softener. A small amount of detergent is needed only in the first pre-wash.Washing:Wash within 2-3 days after use.
    1. Discard solid poo into the toilet (only the harder, easy to remove – your washing machine will do the rest).
    2. Throw the dirty booster inside the bucket until they are washed. We recommend adding 2 drops of tea tree oil onto a tiny piece of cotton when the bucket is still empty, to neutralise urine smell.
    3. Wash with your normal laundry at 40 ⁰C, including a cold pre-wash when soiled. Do not use softener, bleach vinegar, stain removers or laundry additives.

    Wash occasionally at 60 ⁰C when:

    • Your baby is sick, to ensure that bacteria and viruses are effectively killed.
    • Your baby is sharing nappies with a child from another household (eg. childcare nappy schemes).
    • The nappies are very soiled.

    Please note that most detergents available in supermarkets contain enzymes. Enzymes help removing protein stains by eating them, but in doing this they also eat some natural fabric fibers around the stain, such as the organic cotton. To prolong the lifetime of your nappies, we recommend using a non-enzymatic detergent.


    Line dry in direct sunlight. Alternatively, tumble dry on a low temperature setting.

    Hygiene care: avoid nappy rash creams containing zinc or petroleum. These tend to form an oily barrier on the transfer layer, blocking the penetration of liquid, leading to nappy leaks.

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