Who made my nappies?

Our Commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing

At PICO TANGO, reusable nappies are more than just products – they embody our core values of integrity, quality, and honesty. From the very beginning, our brand has been dedicated to sourcing sustainable fabrics and adhering to ethical manufacturing practices. We are proud to say that every aspect of our production, from start to finish, revolves around these principles. Join us on a captivating journey into the world of PICO TANGO, where sustainability and craftsmanship harmoniously unite with our commitment to reusable nappies.

PICO TANGO has always prioritized sustainability and ethical manufacturing. We have a zero-compromise approach when it comes to sourcing sustainable fabrics, ensuring that every reusable nappy we create reflects our commitment to the environment. By designing and producing our nappies in our own studio in Portugal, we eliminate the need for imports and maintain full control over the production process.

Designing with passion and dedication

Every piece in the PICO TANGO collection has been meticulously designed from scratch. Our founder dedicated months to the design process, crafting over 30 prototypes with her own hands. From sketching and pattern making to cutting, sewing, and countless rounds of testing, each detail has been carefully considered to provide the best experience for both babies and parents.

Celebrating craftsmanship and collaboration

Behind every PICO TANGO product, there is a team of talented individuals who contribute their skills and passion. We are proud to collaborate with artists like Ana Figueiredo, whose beautiful hand-painted watercolour prints bring our nappies to life. Additionally, our dedicated atelier team, including Parul and Alessandra, pour their hearts into creating each piece with dedication and love.

Empowering consumers and driving industry change

Transparency is a core value at PICO TANGO. We believe in empowering consumers to make informed choices. By raising awareness about our values and encouraging due diligence in reusable nappy shopping, we aim to promote greater transparency across the industry. Our ultimate goal is not just to set high standards for ourselves but also to challenge and inspire other manufacturers in the industry to embrace sustainability and ethical practices.

At PICO TANGO, we firmly believe that purchasing power is a catalyst for change. We invite parents to join us in making a difference by choosing sustainable and ethically made reusable nappies. Together, we can create a more sustainable industry and a brighter future for our little ones. Explore the world of reusable nappies and discover the best tips before making a purchase.

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