SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works with NGOs, fishermen, authorities, research institutes and local communities to help clean our seas and oceans. Marine litter from our beaches, ocean floor and surface, rivers and estuaries, is collected by clean-up programs:

Directly from beaches by hand

From the ocean in fishermen’s nets

Other systems dedicated to capturing marine litter at sea or in rivers and estuaries.

Collection has been focused on the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic coasts of France, Spain and Ghana

Which type of marine litter are collected?

All types of marine litter: plastic, metal, glass, rubber, and mixed material items – everything from shoes to refrigerators!

How do we guarantee that the marine litter used to make upcycled marine plastic comes from the ocean?

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE operates a Chain of Custody (CoC) throughout the supply chain, from the ocean clean-up to the final retail product. The CoC is a system of procedures and documents that trace the raw material from its origin to its end use. The CoC starts with a Certificate of Origin guaranteeing that the plastic has been removed from the marine environment. This certificate is signed by the registered organization responsible for the clean-up or the licensed waste management company collecting the marine litter from them.

It is then sorted into different material types and the plastic portion is cleaned and transformed into upcycled marine plastic.

We transform this new, fully-traceable
material into inspiring sustainable and
reusable nappies, wet bags and changing mats.

Consumer purchasing power is one of the most powerful tools for change.

In choosing products containing upcycled marine plastic, you are helping to clean our oceans.

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