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  • All-in-One allows fast, practical and hygienic changes.
  • Patented* brand new adjustment system to comfortably fit newborns and toddlers.
  • Ultra soft, hypoallergenic TENCEL™ Lyocell and Organic Cotton.
  • Double leg gussets – leak proof with the first elasticated barrier made of soft TENCEL™ Lyocell against the baby skin, and the second elasticated barrier with inner Organic Cotton without cover stich for maximum comfort on the groin
  • Upcycled marine plastic from the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts.
  • Extra booster for maximum absorption at the front.
  • Unique designer artwork.
  • Made ethically in Portugal.
  • Open sides on the absorbent for turning inside out allowing faster drying.

Free retuns within 14 days. For more information, visit our Warranty and Returns policy.

  • 1 All-in-One Designer nappy
  • 1 Booster pad
  • 2 snap pads for ensured comfort
  • Shell: 100% recycled polyester containing upcycled marine plastic (Post-consumer SEAQUAL® certified). Thermally laminated with polyurethane

Certified by OEKO-TEX® 100, and Global Recycled Standard

  • Core absorbents: 63% organic cotton 37% TENCEL™ Lyocell

Certified by OEKO-TEX® 100, and TÜV Austria Belgium NV

  • Liner: 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell

Certified by OEKO-TEX® 100, and TÜV Austria Belgium NV

TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG

  • One size, suitable for weight ranges from 3 – 15 Kg (one size fits most, depending on baby shape)

Pre-wash before first use:

Pre-washing is needed for both the nappy and the booster 3-4x before its first use only. Wash at 30⁰C, on a long cycle (2 hours) without softener. A small amount of detergent is needed only in the first pre-wash.


Wash within 2-3 days after use.

  1. Discard solid poo into the toilet (only the harder, easy to remove – your washing machine will do the rest).
  2. Place the dirty nappy and booster inside the bucket until they are washed.
  3. Wash with your normal laundry at 40 ⁰C, including a cold pre-wash when soiled. Do not use softener, bleach vinegar, stain removers or laundry additives.

Wash occasionally at 60 ⁰C when:

  • Your baby is sick, to ensure that bacteria and viruses are effectively killed.
  • Your baby is sharing nappies with a child from another household (eg. childcare nappy schemes).
  • The nappies are very soiled.

Please note that most detergents available in supermarkets contain enzymes. Enzymes help removing protein stains by eating them, but in doing this they also eat some natural fabric fibers around the stain, such as the organic cotton. To prolong the lifetime of your nappies, we recommend using a non-enzymatic detergent.


Line dry in direct sunlight. Alternatively, tumble dry on a low temperature setting.

Hygiene care: avoid nappy rash creams containing zinc or petroleum. These tend to form an oily barrier on the transfer layer, blocking the penetration of liquid, leading to nappy leaks.

6 reviews for Reusable Nappies

  1. PT

    Catarina P. (verified owner)

    Estamos a usar com o absorvente grande e gosto muito, sobretudo porque dura imenso tempo sem trocar. Da última vez o pai não lhe mudou a fralda umas 5 horas. Está aprovada cá em casa e parabéns pelos materias sustentáveis.

  2. EN

    Tania F. (verified owner)

    Tem bom ajuste e nao houve fugas até agora. Usámos várias vezes de dia e 2 vezes de noite e das duas vezes fica toda cheia até acima e nos lados e atrás sobra um nadinha de tecido que não chegou a molhar. Até agora usava ajustadas à noite ou 2 partes sempre com reforço de canhamo por baixo e digo, esta fralda aguentou o mesmo com menos volume. Um bocado carote, mesmo para uma tudo em um há mais baratas, mas considerando os materiais ecologicos e o resultado acho que vale muito a pena e recomendo.

  3. PT

    Neuza S.

    Pul e interior extremamente macios, ajuste muito intuitivo e é a primeira fralda que gosto de ver toda aberta em altura no meu filho. Padrões simplesmente lindos. Assenta que nem uma luva toda aberta em altura em bebé de quase 2 anos e aprox 13kg.

  4. PT

    Inês G.

    Fralda muito bem construída, com ajuste inteligente e tecidos de qualidade. Tem corrido muito bem à noite, por isso sem dúvida é a melhor AIO que tenho em termos de absorção. Outra coisa que gosto são os elástico das virilhas que não marcam a pele.

  5. PT

    Carolina F.

    Muitos parabéns pela vossa criação e inovação desta Fralda, comecei a usar no meu filho quando tinha 8 meses e é uma das favoritas, excelente absorção, excelente qualidade, não marca, confortável, ajuste muito bom, muito compacta e sem ser demasiado volumosa… tudo de bom. Adoramos os padrões, o facto de ser portuguesa e se reutilizar/ reciclar materiais.

  6. EN

    Kala I. (verified owner)

    I am yet to use the nappies however can rate the service and quality of product full stars! The constant communication was great for educating me as it’s my first reusable nappy purchase. Patient, friendly and very informative! Such speedy delivery to the UK too and I’ve been recommending to my new mums. I’ll look forward to using these beautiful nappies during my holiday in January!

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The optimised fitting is achieved once the nappy is pre-washed. The sewn in absorbent will shrink 5-8% lenghtwise during the first pre-washes. This will result in a concave effect along the outer leg gussets, enabling the rolled elastics to sit perfectly on the groin for maximum leak proof, and the inner absorbent to fit around baby’s intimate area.

Newborn (3 – 4.5 kg)

Flip down the top part outwards and attach the 2 snaps on the lowest setting in height.

Place your index fingers inside the folder and pull it up until just bellow the belly button.

Make sure the elastics are sitting comfortably on the baby’s bottom.

Snap the shell closed at waist, on the narrowest setting. Start from the 3rd snap on the wings to help securing the nappy together as your baby moves naturally.

Check that your baby is comfortable with the gussets sitting on the groin.

The double gusset with absorbent fits around the tiny bottom for a runny poo barrier.

Check that the tummy is comfortable, placing 2 fingers between the nappy and the baby’ skin.


Baby (4.5 – 9 kg)

Attach the 2 snaps on the intermediate setting in height.

The picture above is V1 nappy, while V2 has an extra colunm of snaps for chubby babies. For the largest setting, use the 2 snap pads to cover the 3rd snap.

Repeat the method above. From 6+ months, add the booster pad, over the sewn-in absorbent, to last all night.

Repeat the fitting checks as above. Ready to rock!

Toddler (9+ kg)

Unfold the top part and snap the booster in, which covers all the snaps. Pull the booster pad forward a little, to allow the elastics to extend.

To pull the nappy up, pull one lateral at a time.

The front side flaps should wrap around the hips, as shown in the picture.

Ensure that the elastics are evenly distributed around the groin, with the booster pad inside the inner elastic.

Ensure comfort around the tummy, with some free space to accommodate when sitting. Ready to rock!

* patent pending.

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