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Sell us your reusable nappy

Has potty training finally arrived? As part of our circular economy approach, we buy your second hand reusable nappies back.

With the 2nd life service, you can sell us your Pico Tango reusable nappies that you no longer need and are in good condition, safely and immediately.

This way, part of the purchase price is recovered, and another family can buy their reusable nappies second-hand and give them a new home. Everyone wins, especially the planet.

How it works

  1. Send your used Pico Tango reusable nappies in good condition to our address.
  2. We inspect the nappies to make sure they are in good condition to be used effectively.
  3. Receive the resale value for each nappy via bank transfer.
  4. We place your second hand nappies in the Reusable Nappy Bank.

Nappies that qualify for 2nd Life are:

  • Fully functional, in good condition for resale
  • Complete with the insert and snap pads
  • Without modifications
  • Clean and sanitized upon delivery

2nd life service is available for nappies purchased from:
  • Pico Tango NorteShopping (Matosinhos)
  • Pico Tango pop-up stores in sustainability markets (subscribe to our newsletter to be updated with the next green market presence)
  • Our online store
Second hand nappies can be purchased at:
  • Our online store
  • Pico Tango pop-up stores in sustainability markets
For how long is the 2nd life service available?

This service is available at least until the 31 December 2024

Terms and conditions – 2nd life

This page regulates the general terms and conditions of use of the PICO TANGO brand reusable nappies in good condition, called “2nd Life” (hereinafter, “Service”), provided by PICO TANGO, Sociedade Unipessoal Lda., headquartered at Rua Nova de Corim 135 – 7, 4425-151 Maia, Legal Person with number 516392115 (hereinafter “PICO TANGO”).


The use of the Service automatically attributes the condition of User and implies the full and unreserved acceptance of all provisions included in these Terms and Conditions. If you do not fully accept any of the established conditions, you must not return the product to the store, nor by any other means intend to benefit from the provision of the Service. By returning the product to the store, you are committing to respect the conditions established in this document.


The Service offers Users the possibility of changing the reusable nappies they have purchased at the Pico Tango pop-up stores and online store, for a certain price, offered by PICO TANGO, in return for delivering the products in good condition.

When sending the products to our address, the User must also present a copy of the purchase invoice. Upon arrival the product will be inspected by Pico Tango in order to confirm that it meets the necessary acceptance conditions (see below). If it meets the conditions for acceptance, PICO TANGO will accept the repurchase of the product, and the User will receive the amount stated in the proposal made by PICO TANGO. The User must complete a sales declaration, and once completed, PICO TANGO pays the User for the purchase via bank transfer. If the acceptance conditions are not met, PICO TANGO may refuse to repurchase the product, in which case no resale value will be delivered to the User. If the product is rejected, the User can still return it to the store for the RECRIA programme (collection of the product at the end of its life cycle for recycling and upcycling). PICO TANGO cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting to the User from a refusal of these terms. After the repurchase of the product by PICO TANGO, it will be available for sale at the PICO TANGO Reusable Nappy Bank.


PICO TANGO may accept, under the terms of the Service, any PICO TANGO reusable nappies, provided they have been purchased at a PICO TANGO store (online store or pop-up store at NorteShopping). PICO TANGO does not accept (i) PICO TANGO nappies that have not been purchased at a PICO TANGO store, (ii) items that are obviously not in good conditions of use, (iii) that have been altered (iv) that are incomplete without the insert and snap pads (v) that are dirty or permanently stained (vi) with cracked PUL. PICO TANGO reserves the right, at its discretion and at all times, to refuse any product proposed by Users, in which case a purchase proposal will not be made to the respective customer. PICO TANGO cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting to the User from a refusal of a product that does not meet the acceptance conditions.



In return for the product returned to PICO TANGO, the User will receive the proposed amount, paid via bank transfer. The customer value proposition is based on the resale price of the second-hand product in Portugal. Alternatively, the User can opt for a refund through an E-Gift Voucher at a PICO TANGO store, which can be used to purchase any goods available at the PICO TANGO online store. Each PICO TANGO E-Gift Voucher is freely transferable.


PICO TANGO may, at any time and at its sole discretion, decide to suspend the provision of the Service for a limited or indefinite period. During the suspension, any reusable nappies returned for PICO TANGO will not be considered. PICO TANGO may, at any time and at its sole discretion, decide to cancel the provision of the Service, ceasing at that time the Service under the terms described above. PICO TANGO cannot be held responsible for any damages, costs or expenses incurred by Users as a result of the decision to suspend or cancel the Service.


In order to carry out the sale of the product by the User to PICO TANGO, the User is requested to fill in a sales declaration, including his full name and NIF. The processing of data carried out by PICO TANGO is solely intended for processing the sales declaration in accordance with current legislation and complies with legislation on personal data, namely Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, on the processing and protection of personal data (“General Data Protection Regulation”) and other applicable community and national legislation. The User may access his personal data and request its rectification or elimination, under the terms of the law, by sending a request to


Unless otherwise stated, all materials used in connection with the Service, including designs, text, graphics, photographs and featured content, are intellectual property owned, controlled or licensed by PICO TANGO. Its modification, reproduction, duplication, copying, distribution, sale, resale and other forms of exploitation, whether commercial or otherwise, are prohibited.


The User will be responsible for the content of the information filled in the sales declaration.  


In case of violation of the General Conditions, PICO TANGO reserves the right to exercise any and all legally foreseen action. The General Conditions for using the Service are regulated in accordance with the laws of Portugal. For any request for additional information, the customer can call the Customer Support Service through the number +351 91 39 848 70 or email

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