7 Reasons to choose PICO TANGO reusable nappies over disposables

Why you should use to cloth nappies instead of disposables

Can’t decide whether to use cloth nappies on your little one? We’ve narrowed down our favourite reasons to switch!

1. Save Money

The initial investment in PICO TANGO reusable nappies pays off in the long run. Disposable nappies cost parents an average of €2,000 per child until potty training. However, a full set of 24 PICO TANGO All-in-one reusable nappies, including inserts and wet bags, costs only €631, resulting in a saving of €1,300 per child.

2. Promote Baby’s Health

Disposable nappies often contain hazardous ingredients like dioxins, furans, and synthetic fragrances. These can cause skin allergies and rashes in babies. In contrast, PICO TANGO reusable nappies, made with unbleached Tencel™ lyocell and organic cotton, offer a safe and hypoallergenic alternative for your baby’s delicate skin.

3. Reduce Waste

Disposable nappies contribute to a significant amount of waste that takes hundreds of years to decompose. By choosing PICO TANGO reusable nappies, you can help reduce the 6.7 million tonnes of disposable nappies waste generated in the EU-28 annually. With an average of 5,400 nappies used per child in 2.5 years, using PICO TANGO reusable nappies can make a substantial difference.

4. Lower CO2 Emissions

Disposable nappies contribute to approximately 500 kg of CO2 equivalents over 2.5 years per child. Switching to PICO TANGO reusable nappies can reduce this carbon footprint by 40%, resulting in a decrease of approximately 220 kg of CO2 emissions. Proper washing practices, line drying, and reusing PICO TANGO nappies with a second child further contribute to the reduction.

5. Decrease Crude Dependency

Producing enough disposable nappies for a baby until they are potty trained requires over 1,500 liters of crude oil. By choosing PICO TANGO reusable nappies, you can help decrease our dependency on crude oil and its environmental impact.

6. Minimize Resource Use

Single-use baby nappies consume 20 times more land for raw material production and require 3 times more energy to manufacture compared to cloth nappies. Opting for PICO TANGO reusable nappies contributes to a more sustainable use of resources.

7. Save Time

Using disposable nappies means frequent visits to the supermarket and dealing with unpleasant odors. With PICO TANGO cloth nappies, you can simply dispose of the poo in the toilet, preventing odors until they’re washed. Cleaning soft poo is easy with a bit of toilet paper, and the rest goes into the washing machine for a thorough clean.

By choosing PICO TANGO reusable nappies, you can enjoy the numerous benefits they offer, including significant cost savings, improved baby’s health, waste reduction, lower CO2 emissions, reduced crude oil dependency, minimized resource use, and saved time.

By reading our post ‘Reusable Nappies – The Best Tips Before Buying’ you will gain valuable insights into choosing the right reusable nappies for your baby. Make an informed decision and embrace the benefits of reusable nappies for your little one’s comfort, your budget, and the environment.

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